Chief of Police Scott Golike

[email protected]

Al Adams | Police Major

211 N. Shamrock Street, East Alton, IL 62024

Phone: (618) 259-6212

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Anonymous Tip Hotline: (618) 254-2728

Mission Statement

The mission of the East Alton Police Department is to:

  • Protect life and property
  • Serve the public with integrity and professionalism
  • Strive to achieve an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and cooperation with the public, other agencies, and each other knowing through our efforts we will inform our community that it can expect the best quality of Police Services.

Goals of the East Alton Police Department:

  • to identify criminal activity, pursue and apprehend criminal offenders, and proceed in the prosecution of known offenders
  • to maintain proactive patrol and investigation force and thus reduce the opportunity to commit a crime
  • to facilitate the movement of people and vehicles through the commitment of selective traffic enforcement resources
  • to perpetuate a sound managerial environment that focuses upon Department goals and provides for career development through training, advancement, and reward for exemplary performance
  • to instill public confidence in the agency by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and expertise in the development of police service