Doug Booten | Superintendent of Water & Wastewater Division

Water Treatment Plant

610 Levee Road, East Alton, IL 62024

Water Plant: (618) 259-4646

Billing/Service: (618)259-6521

Clerk: [email protected]

Phone payment for water bills: (855) 594-0902


Public Works: Sewer Division

Constructed – 1988 Upgraded 2008
Type of Plant – Conventional Activated Sludge
Design Max Flow – 2.73 MGD
Design Avg. Flow – 0.91 MGD

Reasons for Wastewater Treatment

Government Regulations: The Federal Government’s Clean Water Act states that all wastewater discharges from municipalities must meet EPA requirements for water quality.

Protect Clean Water: Rivers, lakes, and streams are protected by local wastewater treatment facilities which take polluted water from our homes and businesses and return safe water to the environment.

Public Health: Wastewater treatment has virtually eliminated many water-borne diseases.

Increases Economic Development: Without adequate sewage collection and treatment, economic growth is stifled.