Darren Carlton | Mayor

Carrie Moore | Secretary to the Mayor

119 West Main Street, East Alton, IL 62024

Phone: (618) 259-7714

Fax: (618) 259-7614

[email protected]


Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Closed holidays

Allen Hale

Trustee since 1997
Chairmanships: Finance, Insurance, Ordinance, Railroad

Debra Angleton

Trustee since 2010
Chairmanships: Police, Traffic, Dare

Denny Weber

Trustee since 2015
Chairmanships: Public Works, Community Development, Public Buildings

Kelli Fletcher

Trustee since 2017
Chairmanships: Playground, Printing, Beautification/History

Ginger Toolen

Trustee since 2020
Chairmanships: Health, Zoning, Pollution

Stan Foiles

Trustee since 2023
Chairmanships: Fire, Civil Defense, Lights