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This test is given to all candidates for the position of Paid-On-Call Fire Fighter. These test stations are based on actual fire ground operations.

Station # 1: Ladder Climb

Required time to complete: 1 minute
We ask the candidate to start from the turntable of the Ladder Truck and climb the 75- foot ladder to the top. At the top, the candidate must touch the top rung, then proceed back down the ladder. This test is to be completed in a continuous climb and descent without any stops or hesitations. This test measures mental endurance and lack of acrophobia (fear of heights).

Station # 2: Charged Hose Pull

Required time to complete: 1 minute
The candidate must be able to pull two sections (100 ft.) of 2- ½ inches of fire hose that’s charged with water. The hose will be connected to the pumper and laying in a straight line at the start of the test. The candidate will grasp the nozzle and turn down the line of the hose, and drag the hose past the pumper with no stops. This test is designed to test the general ability to perform a task repeated at every fire when advancing hose lines.

Station #3: Body Drag

Required time to complete: 1 minute
Candidate must drag 100 lbs. of weight a distance of 50 feet. The first 25 feet while crawling and the second 25 feet while standing. This test is to be completed without stopping or dropping the weight. This test simulates the rescue of a victim from a building.

Station # 4: Dry Hose Hoist

The candidate must pull a dry section of 2 ½ inch fire hose from ground level to the top of the fire station roof, raising and lowering 4 times. The rolled section of the hose will be attached to a rope. The section must be pulled to the edge of the roof and then lowered back down in one continuous motion, hand over hand on the rope. No stops will be allowed. This test is designed to check the arm and back muscles and stamina of these muscles. This is an actual duplication of action necessary to raise equipment above ground level. The weight of the hose pack is approximately 50 lbs.

Station # 5: Stair Hose Carry

Required time to complete: 3 minutes
The candidate while wearing breathing apparatus must be able to carry a high-rise hose pack (approximately 75 lbs.) three flights of stairs up and down three times. This test is designed to test the leg, arm muscles, lungs, and general stamina of the candidate. This duplicates activities performed at all fire incidents above the ground floor.